Thursday, April 22, 2010

All Things Royale vendor exclusive: Je'Marie

Need to add a little excitement to that classic handbag, a way to keep your purse safe and clean?

Je’Marie Accessories has the answer!!

Je'Marie is a family owned company that designs and manufacturers the highest quality, strongest and most beautiful Purse Hooks, Handbag Hangers, FUMI Bracelet Purse Hooks, and Purse Accessories!!

Although their entire collection has great purse hooks and accessories, their new FUMI product is beyond amazing.

What in the world is the FUMI?

The Fashionable Unique Multi-purpose Innovation is a new multipurpose hook that allows you to hook your purse onto any surface! It can be worn as a bracelet, purse adornment, and hook...THREE in ONE! Je'Marie has several styles from which you can choose from!

This is a must-have innovative item for ladies who are always on-the-go! How often do you struggle to find the perfect place to keep your purse from getting dirty at a crowded bar or restaurant? With the FUMI, you can eliminate the awkward "purse in my lap" distance you have between the chair and the table. With FUMI, you don't have to worry about people knocking into your handbag as they pass by your chair. With FUMI, you have an accessory that is both functional and fashionable. Check it out!

These are just some of the styles of the FUMI that you can find!

The Scarlett is another great purse accessory that can be used everyday! Check out some of the newest styles:

Want to check out some of the styles in person? Be sure to check out the Je'Marie collection at our All Things Royale shopping event to benefit Invisible Children on April 29th!!

will be offering AMAZING deals on their new line of handbags, the FUMI and the Scarlett collection! We'll be sure to see you then!

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