Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Things Royale featured vendor: Liz Lariois Jewelry

Looking for jewelry that can compliment any ensemble?? Looking for unique pieces that don't cost a fortune? Well, look no further!! All Things Royale would like to introduce

Jewelry by Liz Larios!

The designs are a burst of minerals and colored stones. They are inspired by the natural elements of the earth, as well as classic beauty seen in the 8 new collections:

1. Santori Collection

2. Air & Sky Collection

3. Sea & Sky Collection

4. Earth & Naturals

5. Mink Collection

6. Twilight Noir Collection

7. Vintage Collection

and lastly, we have the new

8. Leather Cuff Collection

Liz Larios does an excellent job of combining classic beauty with natural elements to create timeless pieces.

The variety of the stones and materials used is amazing: sterling silver, agate, amethyst, rutilated quartz, laguna agate, carved agate, boulder opal, aquamarine, apetite, faceted crystal, moss stone, topaz, smokey quartz, onyx and many more that never cease to amaze us.

Not only do we LOVE her jewelry, we love her attitude! Liz Larios will be joining us on April 29th at Firehouse Pacific Beach for our All Things Royale Shopping event benefiting Invisible Children. Her philanthropic views are just another reason why we can't get enough! Be sure to check out Liz Larios!

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