Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All Things Royale featured vendor=Vuori Clothing

What makes Vuori Clothing unique aside from its' amazing collections for both men and women, 100% certified organic cotton, and hand-tailored recycled polyester ribbons?? Its' philosophy!

Vuori-Seeding the Change

Using fashion as a medium, Vuori recognizes the environmentalists, activists, and humanitarians whose visions inspire us to live with more awareness. On the inside of each garment, Vuori pays tribute to these individuals and their respective heroic endeavors.

Be sure to check out Vuori Clothing at our All Things Royale shopping benefit on April 29th in Pacific Beach!! Vuori will be featuring their newest line and offering an amazing 2 for $45 deal! Don't miss out on the great price cuts from Vuori or any of the other great vendors! See you on April 29th!

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