Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Things Royale featured vendor: eLiveLife!

We here at All Things Royale are in shock by what this company does. They put together things that we've never seen: Luxury & savings! Impossible right??

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, 'luxury' means "something costly and unnecessary"
Pronunciation: \ˈlək-sh(ə-)rē,
Function: noun

and 'savings' means "a usually specified lower cost"
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of saven to save

So how do these two seemingly different words end up working together? The secret to that is something we'll never know, BUT eLiveLife has it all figured out!

eLifeLive allows you to purchase introduction packages from over 20 local San Diego spas and salons at 75% off. Let's get this straight for those of you who are in still in shock. That's 75% off botanical facials, body massages, waxing session, body exfoliation scrubs, anti-aging treatments, acupuncture, acne treatments, energy healing, skin care, hair care, massage therapy sessions, holistic dentistry, laser treatments, and whatever else you can think of in the holistic health field! You name it, they got it and at prices that are unbeatable.

Now that you've probably worked yourself up with all the amazement, why don't you start planning for a nice relaxing massage with eLiveLife! Join us on April 29th at Firehouse Pacific Beach for our All Things Royale Shopping event benefiting Invisible Children. Find the eLiveLife package that works for you! See you there!

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