Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Featured Vendor:Foot Petals Accessories, Foot Petals "One Comfortable Step Ahead"

Featured Vendor: Foot Petals Accessories, Foot Petals "One Comfortable Step Ahead"

It's Time to put your best foot forward:

For those of us who struggle with our love/hate relationship with our sexy shoes, look no further problem solved-- Foot Petals to the rescue. Foot petals, are a discrete, simple, affordable way to turn your favorite not so comfy pumps into shoes into comfy pumps that you can dance the night a way in. Foot Petals, has a petal for all occasions so what ever may ail your feet, Foot Petals has a solution, www.footpetals.com

Foot Petals is a California based business founded by fashion mogul Tina Aldatz, "After years of working in the fashion industry and endless hours of walking in painful shoes, I knew there had to be a better way...my goal was to create a pretty solution to this ugly problem...Now women everywhere can walk everywhere in style and comfort."

We are super excited to have Foot Petals at the Holiday Edition of All Things Royale. This is product is a must have for everyone women who suffers from painful shoes. Stop walking in pain and strut in your sexy high heels in comfort with assistance of Foot Petals. Shopping for the hard to buy person? This is an excellent gift and perfect stocking stuffer. For more information visit the Foot Petals website, www.footpetals.com or follow them on twitter @footpetals

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