Thursday, October 1, 2009

Featured Vendor: Je'Marie Accessories, the Fumi, Pursehook

The Necessity for your Accessory

Je' Marie Accessories have supercute pursehooks, that come in all styles, and colors. Not to mention, some that can be used as a bracelet or charm as well as a purse hook.

Je’Marie PurseHook is a family owned company that designs and manufacturers the highest quality, strongest and most beautiful Purse Hooks, Handbag Hangers, FUMI Bracelet Purse Hooks, and Purse Accessories to keep your purse safe and clean up off of the dirty floor. All of our products have their own positive message.

We are super thrilled to have Je'Marie Accessories at our ATR event. Talk about a great holiday item. This is perfect for anyone who carries a purse, handbag, laptop bag, diaper bag. It's great for everyone and there are so many styles that there is a style pefect for you! For more information and to find your favorite style .. go to for all your pursehook info.

PS- Loving the fumi -- super cute bracelet/ purse charm and purse hook.The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is the new designer way to store a purse while in public. However, FUMI is not only a PurseHook! It also functions a Purse Accessory, as a Bracelet and brings good luck and fortune to the wearer!

This exciting new patented product is not only practical but is also quite unique. Each one brings about an emotion or feeling in the wearer. FUMI names include “Inspire”, “Ambition”, “Courageous”, “Glamorous” and “Charming”. With meanings like these, the product instantly brings positive “feel good” energy to the wearer!

USE AS A PURSEHOOK: The FUMI is the ultimate PurseHook! It hangs on the outside of your handbag so it is easily accessible – no more searching around the bottom of your handbag for a PurseHook. Just attach the FUMI to the straps of your favorite handbag and when you’re ready to use open up the FUMI placing the rubber side down on the table, hook the straps of your hand bag to the open end and … viola! A perfect FUMI PurseHook!

USE AS A PURSE ACCESSORY: The FUMI is an amazing Purse Accessory. It’s a PurseHook that hangs on the outside of your handbag that can be accessorized! You can add the FUMI Charms and to your favorite FUMI Classic. Or you can accessorize your handbag with any of the FUMI print styles … Glamorous is our favorite!

USE AS A BRACELET: The FUMI is the hottest bracelet out there! High quality and built to last. Dresses up any outfit and is great for any occasion.

So cute!
Gotta stock up on some holiday gifts at ATR!

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